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Worship Square

typology public space
location kaira looro, senegal, africa  year 2017
status competition  size 600 mq
in collaboration with Marco Neri

8_render playground

Since the dawn of its existence, mankind has been charmed by the occurrence of natural forces: the impacts were so strong to be idealized and deified. Even a simple element such as the earth, stems from the slow erosion of rocks by the wind and contains the complexity of millennial organic matter cycles processes. The earth contains, therefore, life, and the lushness of the plant world is the direct testimony. When subjected to extended periods of drought, in some cases, its wrinkled face becomes arid omen of famine and death.

Starting from this iconography, we would like to exploit the geometric principle of mudcracks, to suggest a symbolic overturning of this polygonal mesh in something that can embraces positive functions, in a place often subject to long periods of lack of water.


Our concept wants to provide an aesthetic and functional strategy to realize small forums with a local cultural identity. The aim is to take into account the constantly evolving needs of villages, considering additional parts or simply the change of use of obsolete functions.

The design for Kaira Looro consists in a multifunctional place which integrates the realization of the house of worship; a urban square, where people can meet and practice workshop experiences, becomes an incentive to pass the local craft and cultural tradition on to future generations.

The identification of this house of worship is suggested by a cluster of many modules in a raised area protected from sunlight even on the peripheral surfaces by wall in clay brick or straw. The entrances are characterized by curtains made in colored fabrics.

Our proposed program includes dedicated spaces to everyday activities of the Village inhabitants: the proposal, as well as the house of worship, encompasses workshops, crafts-drying and storage areas, water harvesting devices (by gravity and dew harvesting according to already-experienced designs), a laundry fountain and a playground for kids.

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